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This tutorial shows you how to wait for key press in Python before proceeding with other operations.

Use input() to Wait for Input in Python

input() is a Python function that allows user input to be processed within the code. It temporarily halts all processes within the code therefore acts as a stopper to operations that are done.

In our case, we can use input() as a key-listener to stop processes until the user presses a certain key. In the case of using input(), user needs to press enter or return key.

Below is the example code.

def operation1(param):   #insert code here def operation2(param):   #insert code here def operation3(param):   #insert code here    input("Press enter to start operations...") ret = operation1("Sample Param") print("\nOperation 1 has been executed successfully.") input("\n Press enter to start operation 2...") ret = operation2(ret) print("Operation 2 has been executed successfully.") input("\n Press enter to start final operation") ret = operation3(ret) print("All operations executed successfully. Returned a value of ", ret) 

This way, before operations start, user needs to press Enter. Also, each subsequent operation needs user to press Enter as well, essentially adding a breather between the 3 operations.

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