Python - How To Fix Python Return Outside Function Error

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The keyword return is reserved for functions in Python. Thus, anytime you try to use it the other way, you will get this error: return outside function.

This compact guide is all about solving this error. Let’s dive in.

Fix return outside function Error in Python

This error is self-explanatory; it clearly states that the return keyword is placed outside the function. Take a look at the following code.

#Single Return statement return i  #return inside the If  if i==5:     return i  #Return Statement inside loop for i in range(10):         return i 

All the ways of using the return keyword are wrong in the above code example. All these statements will give you this exact error.

The correct way of using the return keyword is by placing it inside the function. The return keyword is used to return a value according to the return types of functions.

As you already know that functions return some value; we use the return keyword for this purpose. Take a look.

#Return Statment inside the function def my_Func():     return 5 #Return Statment inside the if and function def my_Func():     if True:         return 5 #Return Statment inside loop and  Function def my_Func():     for i in range(10):         if i==5:             return i 

As seen in the above code, all the return statements are now placed inside a function. As such, we do not see the error anymore.

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