Python - How To Print List Without Square Brackets in Python

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This tutorial will introduce how to print a list without showing these square brackets.

Use the join() Function to Print Lists Without Square Brackets in Python

The join() function takes all the elements from an iterable object, like a list, and returns a string with all elements separated by a character specified with the function. Using this method, we can remove the square brackets from a list and separate the elements using a comma or whichever character we desire. The following code snippet implements this.

lst = ['x','y','z'] print(','.join(lst)) 



Note that this method only works with a list containing strings and fails with a list of integer or float values.

Use the Unpack Method to Print Lists Without Square Brackets in Python

The * operator in Python can be used to unpack objects. It unpacks all the elements from a list and prints it without the square brackets as shown below.

lst = ['x','y','z'] print(*lst, sep = ',') 



We separate the elements using the character specified in the sep parameter and can be removed if desired.

Use the str Function to Print Lists Without Square Brackets

In this method, we convert a list to a string using the str() function and then remove the first and last characters from this string that are the square brackets. The following code shows how.

lst = [1,2,3] lst_str = str(lst)[1:-1]  print(lst_str) 


1, 2, 3 

Note that this method can work with a list containing integers or floats values also.

Another way in which we can use this function is to convert each element of a list to a string. We can then proceed to remove the brackets using the join() function as discussed earlier. For example,

lst = [1,2,3] lst_new = [str(a) for a in lst] print("," . join(lst_new)) 



In the above code, we convert all the elements from the lst to string values using the str function and create a new list, lst_new, using the list comprehension method.

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