Python - How To Run Python in Atom

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This tutorial will discuss how you can run Python using the Atom Code Editor.

Run Python in Atom

To start, you have to install Python on your device. We can use the to download and install the latest version of Python. After the installation, we can verify whether Python has successfully installed on our device or not with the following command.

python --version 


Python 3.8.1 

The command above will give us the current version of Python installed on our device. Now, the next step will be to install the Atom Code Editor. You can download the Atom software for free from their .

In order to run Python in the Atom Code Editor, we have to install the corresponding script package. We can install the script package from this . Alternatively, we can click on the Install a Package button and search for the script package.

After we have successfully completed the steps mentioned above, we can open and run Python files with the .py extension by clicking Ctrl + Shift + b buttons.

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