Python - How To Fix Invalid Literal for Int() With Base 10 Error in Python

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In Python, when converting from one data type to another, we sometimes get the invalid literal for int() with base 10 error. We will learn how to resolve this error and avoid getting it. Let’s dive in.

Fix invalid literal for int() with base 10 Error in Python

This error occurs when converting one data structure into another one. For instance, if we convert some string value to an integer like the following, we get this error because the base of an integer is 10, which differs from other data structures.

#String Value S1 = "Hello" #Converting it into integer number = int(S1) 

The above code is incorrect, as we are trying to convert a string value hello into an integer that does not make sense. We can’t convert this string value into an integer.

Take a look at another example.

#Other String S2 = "2.8" #Converting Float string value in Int number = int(S2) 

In the above code example, the string contains a float value. It will give the error again as it’s the same as converting a string value into an integer with a base of 10. However, this is a float string; there is a way through which you can convert this string into an integer.

#Other String S2 = "2.8"  #Correct Way to Convert it #Converting it in to float  F_number=float(S2) print(F_number)   #Converting Float into int int_number = int(F_number) print(int_number) 


2.8 2 

First, we will convert it into a float data type. Then we can easily convert that float data type into an integer of base 10.

If a string is an int string, meaning it has an integer value, it will have no problem converting it directly into an integer data type.

#String S2 = "3"  #Converting string to Int number = int(S2) print(number) 



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