Python - How To Fix Python Recursionerror: Maximum Recursion Depth Exceeded in Comparison Error

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This article will introduce how you can solve recursionerror: maximum recursion depth exceeded in comparison error in Python. First, we need to understand what recursion is in the programming language.

Fix recursionerror: maximum recursion depth exceeded in comparison Error in Python

Recursion occurs when you call the function itself inside its body. It works like a loop until a certain condition is met; the recursion continues. But the case is different in Python. There is a maximum recursion depth limit in Python. For instance, take a look at the following code example.

#function definition def func():     print("Hello Python")          #recursive Call     func()  #uncomment this to run the function  #func() 

If you run the above code, it will print the Hello Python until a certain limit; then, it will give this exact error. So, how can you adjust the limit according to your choice? You can import a module and check for the maximum recursion depth. Take a look at the following code.

#import module import sys #function to check the default maximum recursion depth print(sys.getrecursionlimit()) 

By running the above code, you will get the recursive limit of your system. You can check the maximum recursion depth using the above code. To adjust the limit, you can run the following code.

#To increase or decrease the limit sys.setrecursionlimit(2000) 

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