console - How does one output bold text in Bash?

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The most compatible way of doing this is using tput to discover the right sequences to send to the terminal:

bold=$(tput bold) normal=$(tput sgr0) 

then you can use the variables $bold and $normal to format things:

echo "this is ${bold}bold${normal} but this isn't" 


this is bold but this isn't

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In order to apply a style on your string, you can use a command like:

echo -e '\033[1mYOUR_STRING\033[0m' 


  • echo -e - The -e option means that escaped (backslashed) strings will be interpreted
  • \033 - escaped sequence represents beginning/ending of the style
  • lowercase m - indicates the end of the sequence
  • 1 - Bold attribute (see below for more)
  • [0m - resets all attributes, colors, formatting, etc.

The possible integers are:

  • 0 - Normal Style
  • 1 - Bold
  • 2 - Dim
  • 3 - Italic
  • 4 - Underlined
  • 5 - Blinking
  • 7 - Reverse
  • 8 - Invisible
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I assume bash is running on a vt100-compatible terminal in which the user did not explicitly turn off the support for formatting.

First, turn on support for special characters in echo, using -e option. Later, use ansi escape sequence ESC[1m, like:

echo -e "\033[1mSome Text" 

More on ansi escape sequences for example here:

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In theory like so:

# BOLD $ echo -e "\033[1mThis is a BOLD line\033[0m" This is a BOLD line  # Using tput tput bold  echo "This" #BOLD tput sgr0 #Reset text attributes to normal without clear. echo "This" #NORMAL  # UNDERLINE $ echo -e "\033[4mThis is a underlined line.\033[0m" This is a underlined line.  

But in practice it may be interpreted as "high intensity" color instead.


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This is an old post but regardless, you can also get boldface and italic characters by leveraging utf-32. There are even greek and math symbols that can be used as well as the roman alphabet.

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