Java system properties and environment variables

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I think the difference between the two boils down to access. Environment variables are accessible by any process and Java system properties are only accessible by the process they are added to.

Also as Bohemian stated, env variables are set in the OS (however they 'can' be set through Java) and system properties are passed as command line options or set via setProperty().

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bash -c works well if the commands you are running are relatively simple. However, if you're trying to run a long series of commands full of control characters, it can get complex.

I successfully got around this by piping my commands into the process from the outside, i.e.

cat | docker run -i <image> /bin/bash

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Just to make a proper answer from the @Eddy Hernandez's comment and which is very correct since Alpine comes with ash not bash.

The question now referes to Starting a shell in the Docker Alpine container which implies using sh or ash or /bin/sh or /bin/ash/.

Based on the OP's question:

docker run image sh -c "cd /path/to/somewhere && python"

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