java - getString Outside of a Context or Activity

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Yes, we can access resources without using `Context`

You can use:


... everywhere in your application, even in static constants declarations. Unfortunately, it supports the system resources only.

For local resources use this solution. It is not trivial, but it works.

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Unfortunately, the only way you can access any of the string resources is with a Context (i.e. an Activity or Service). What I've usually done in this case, is to simply require the caller to pass in the context.

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In MyApplication, which extends Application:

public static Resources resources; 

In MyApplication's onCreate:

resources = getResources(); 

Now you can use this field from anywhere in your application.

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##Unique Approach


This will work everywhere in app. (Util class, Dialog, Fragment or any class in your app)

(1) Create or Edit (if already exist) your Application class.

import; import android.content.res.Resources;  public class App extends Application {     private static App mInstance;     private static Resources res;       @Override     public void onCreate() {         super.onCreate();         mInstance = this;         res = getResources();     }      public static App getInstance() {         return mInstance;     }      public static Resources getRes() {         return res;     }  } 

(2) Add name field to your manifest.xml <application tag.

<application         android:name=".App"         ...         >         ...     </application> 

Now you are good to go. Use App.getRes().getString(R.string.some_id) anywhere in app.

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BTW, one of the reason of symbol not found error may be that your IDE imported android.R; class instead of yours one. Just change import android.R; to import your.namespace.R;

So 2 basic things to get string visible in the different class:

//make sure you are importing the right R class import your.namespace.R;  //don't forget about the context public void some_method(Context context) {    context.getString(R.string.YOUR_STRING); } 

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