git reset - How to discard local commits in Git?

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git reset --hard origin/master 

will remove all commits not in origin/master where origin is the repo name and master is the name of the branch.

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As an aside, apart from the answer by mipadi (which should work by the way), you should know that doing:

git branch -D master git checkout master 

also does exactly what you want without having to redownload everything (your quote paraphrased). That is because your local repo contains a copy of the remote repo (and that copy is not the same as your local directory, it is not even the same as your checked out branch).

Wiping out a branch is perfectly safe and reconstructing that branch is very fast and involves no network traffic. Remember, git is primarily a local repo by design. Even remote branches have a copy on the local. There's only a bit of metadata that tells git that a specific local copy is actually a remote branch. In git, all files are on your hard disk all the time.

If you don't have any branches other than master, you should:

git checkout -b 'temp' git branch -D master git checkout master git branch -D temp 
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What I do is I try to reset hard to HEAD. This will wipe out all the local commits:

git reset --hard HEAD^ 
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You need to run

git fetch 

To get all changes and then you will not receive message with "your branch is ahead".

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I have seen instances where the remote became out of sync and needed to be updated. If a reset --hard or a branch -D fail to work, try

git pull origin git reset --hard  

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