python - How to activate virtualenv in Linux?

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Here is my workflow after creating a folder and cd'ing into it:

$ virtualenv venv --distribute New python executable in venv/bin/python Installing distribute.........done. Installing pip................done. $ source venv/bin/activate (venv)$ python 
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You forgot to do source bin/activate where source is a executable name. Struck me first few times as well, easy to think that manual is telling "execute this from root of the environment folder".

No need to make activate executable via chmod.

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You can do

source ./python_env/bin/activate 

or just go to the directory

cd /python_env/bin/ 

and then

source ./activate 

Good Luck.

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Go to the project directory. In my case microblog is the flask project directory and under microblog directory there should be app and venv folders. then run the below command, This is one worked for me in Ubuntu.

source venv/bin/activate 

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Cd to the environment path, go to the bin folder. At this point when you use ls command, you should see the "activate" file.

now type

source activate 

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