typescript - Angular @ViewChild() error: Expected 2 arguments, but got 1

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In Angular 8 , ViewChild takes 2 parameters

 @ViewChild(ChildDirective, {static: false}) Component 
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Angular 8

In Angular 8, ViewChild has another param

@ViewChild('nameInput', {static: false}) component : Component 

You can read more about it here and here

Angular 9 & Angular 10

In Angular 9 default value is static: false, so doesn't need to provide param unless you want to use {static: true}

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In Angular 8 , ViewChild takes 2 parameters:

Try like this:

@ViewChild('nameInput', { static: false }) nameInputRef: ElementRef; 


{ static: false }

If you set static false, the child component ALWAYS gets initialized after the view initialization in time for the ngAfterViewInit/ngAfterContentInit callback functions.

{ static: true}

If you set static true, the child component initialization will take place at the view initialization at ngOnInit

By default you can use { static: false }. If you are creating a dynamic view and want to use the template reference variable, then you should use { static: true}

For more info, you can read this article

Working Demo

In the demo, we will scroll to a div using template reference variable.

 @ViewChild("scrollDiv", { static: true }) scrollTo: ElementRef; 

With { static: true }, we can use this.scrollTo.nativeElement in ngOnInit, but with { static: false }, this.scrollTo will be undefined in ngOnInit , so we can access in only in ngAfterViewInit

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it is because view child require two argument try like this

@ViewChild('nameInput', { static: false, }) nameInputRef: ElementRef;

@ViewChild('amountInput', { static: false, }) amountInputRef: ElementRef;

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In Angular 8, ViewChild always takes 2 param, and second params always has static: true or static: false

You can try like this:

@ViewChild('nameInput', {static: false}) component 

Also,the static: false is going to be the default fallback behaviour in Angular 9.

What are static false/true: So as a rule of thumb you can go for the following:

  • { static: true } needs to be set when you want to access the ViewChild in ngOnInit.

    { static: false } can only be accessed in ngAfterViewInit. This is also what you want to go for when you have a structural directive (i.e. *ngIf) on your element in your template.

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