How to disable Remote JS Debugging in React-Native

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I just had a similar problem - the remote debugger initialization kept crashing my app and I could not disable remote debugging via the in-app GUI.

After having uninstalled the app from the device (or emulator), remote debugging was disabled when I started the app again.

I assume, that the remote debugging flag is saved withtin the app's shared preferences (which get deleted after uninstall).

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If you are using on MS : ctrl + m, MAC OS : cmd + m, iPhone/android: shake your device then look for the "disable Remote Debug JS" and click it.

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Go to your android settings and clear app data and cache and reload the app remote debugging will be turned off.

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Faced the same problem using the Expo app. The app won't start and couldn't access the developer menu and debugging remote js kept crashing the app. The easiest and quickest solution which worked for me was to clear app data in Expo.

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The only thing that worked for me (on a Mac) was going to menu bar up top and clicking 'Simulator' and then 'Reset Content and Settings...'. It did reset all the content and settings, though.

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