javascript - How can I check if an object is an array?

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The method given in the ECMAScript standard to find the class of Object is to use the toString method from Object.prototype.

if( === '[object Array]') {     alert('Array!'); } 

Or you could use typeof to test if it is a string:

if(typeof someVar === 'string') {     someVar = [someVar]; } 

Or if you're not concerned about performance, you could just do a concat to a new empty Array.

someVar = [].concat(someVar); 

There's also the constructor which you can query directly:

if ( == "Array") {     // do something } 

Check out a thorough treatment from T.J. Crowder's blog, as posted in his comment below.

Check out this benchmark to get an idea which method performs better:

From @Bharath, convert a string to an array using ES6 for the question asked:

const convertStringToArray = (object) => {    return (typeof object === 'string') ? Array(object) : object } 


let m = 'bla' let n = ['bla','Meow'] let y = convertStringToArray(m) let z = convertStringToArray(n) console.log('check y: '+JSON.stringify(y)) . // check y: ['bla'] console.log('check y: '+JSON.stringify(z)) . // check y: ['bla','Meow'] 
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In modern browsers you can do:


(Supported by Chrome 5, Firefox 4.0, Internet Explorer 9, Opera 10.5 and Safari 5)

For backward compatibility you can add the following:

// Only implement if no native implementation is available if (typeof Array.isArray === 'undefined') {   Array.isArray = function(obj) {     return === '[object Array]';   } }; 

If you use jQuery you can use jQuery.isArray(obj) or $.isArray(obj). If you use Underscore.js you can use _.isArray(obj).

If you don't need to detect arrays created in different frames you can also just use instanceof:

obj instanceof Array 
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I would first check if your implementation supports isArray:

if (Array.isArray)     return Array.isArray(v); 

You could also try using the instanceof operator

v instanceof Array 
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jQuery also offers an $.isArray() method:

var a = ["A", "AA", "AAA"];    if($.isArray(a)) {    alert("a is an array!");  } else {    alert("a is not an array!");  }
<script src=""></script>

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This is the fastest among all methods (all browsers supported):

function isArray(obj){     return !!obj && obj.constructor === Array; } 

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