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git pull is really just a shorthand for git pull <remote> <branchname>, in most cases it's equivalent to git pull origin master. You will need to add another remote and pull explicitly from it. This page describes it in detail:

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upstream in the github example is just the name they've chosen to refer to that repository. You may choose any that you like when using git remote add. Depending on what you select for this name, your git pull usage will change. For example, if you use:

git remote add upstream git://

then you would use this to pull changes:

git pull upstream master

But, if you choose origin for the name of the remote repo, your commands would be:

To name the remote repo in your local config: git remote add origin git://

And to pull: git pull origin master

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For future reference,

I have encountered the same problem -- pylab was not showing under ipython. The problem was fixed by changing ipython's config file {}. In the config file

c.InteractiveShellApp.pylab = 'auto'

I changed 'auto' to 'qt' and now I see graphs

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Just type:


See at 23:30 !

plt is used because of my import: import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

I'm using python2.7 on a mac with iTerm2.

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