Gradle: Could not determine java version from '11.0.2'

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There are two different Gradle applications in your system.

  1. the system-wide Gradle
    This application is invoked by gradle (arguments).

  2. the gradle-wrapper
    The gradle-wrapper is specific to every project and can only be invoked inside the project's directory, using the command ./gradlew (arguments).

Your system-wide gradle version is 5.1.1 (as the OP explained in the comments, running the command gradle --version returned version 5.1.1).

However, the failure is the result of a call to the gradle-wrapper (./gradlew). Could you check your project's gradle wrapper version? To do that, execute ./gradlew --version inside your project's folder, in the directory where the gradlew and gradlew.bat files are.

Update 1:
As running ./gradlew --version failed, you can manually check your wrapper's version by opening the file:

(project's root folder)/gradle/wrapper/

with a simple text editor. The "distributionUrl" inside should tell us what the wrapper's version is.

Update 2: As per the OP's updated question, the gradle-wrapper's version is 4.1RC1.
Gradle added support for JDK 11 in Gradle 5.0. Hence since 4.1RC does not support running on JDK 11 this is definitely a problem.

The obvious way, would be to update your project's gradle-wrapper to version 5.0.
However, before updating, try running gradle app:installDebug. This will use your system-wide installed Gradle whose version is 5.1.1 and supports running on Java 11. If this works, then your buildscript (file build.gradle) is not affected by any breaking changes between v.4.1RC1 and v.5.1.1 and you can then update your wrapper by executing from the command line inside your project's folder: gradle wrapper --gradle-version=5.1.1 [*].

If gradle app:installDebug fails to execute correctly, then maybe you need to upgrade your Gradle buildscript. For updating from v.4.1RC1 to 5.1.1, the Gradle project provides a guide (1, 2) with breaking changes and deprecated features between minor releases, so that you can update gradually to the latest version.

Alternatively, if for some reason you can't or don't want to upgrade your Gradle buildscript, you can always choose to downgrade your Java version to one that Gradle 4.1RC1 supports running on.

[*] As correctly pointed out in the answer by @lupchiazoem, use gradle wrapper --gradle-version=5.1.1 (and not ./gradlew as I had originally posted there by mistake). The reason is Gradle runs on Java. You can update your gradle-wrapper using any working Gradle distribution, either your system-wide installed Gradle or the gradle-wrapper itself. However, in this case your wrapper is not compatible with your installed Java version, so you do have to use the system-wide Gradle (aka gradle and not ./gradlew).

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As distributionUrl is still pointing to older version, upgrade wrapper using:

gradle wrapper --gradle-version 5.1.1

Note: Use gradle and not gradlew

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Updating gradle/wrapper/ with the following version fixed it for me:

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In my case the JAVA_HOME variable was set to /usr/lib/jvm/jdk-11.0.2/. It was sufficient to unset the variable like this:

$ export JAVA_HOME=

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tl;dr: downgrade java by running update-alternatives

My system gradle version was 4.4.1, and the gradle wrapper version was 4.0. After running the command given by several other answers:

gradle wrapper --gradle-version 4.4.1 

I still had the same error:

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.  * What went wrong: Could not determine java version from '11.0.4'. 

It turns out java 11 wasn't supported until gradle 4.8, and my software repositories only had 4.4.1. (Also, upgrading to newer gradle version might have been incompatible with the package I was trying to compile.)

The answer was to downgrade java. My system actually had java8 already installed, and it was easy to switch between java versions by running this command and following the instructions:

sudo update-alternatives --config java 

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