Spring Boot yaml configuration for a list of strings

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use comma separated values in application.yml

ignoreFilenames: .DS_Store, .hg 

java code for access

@Value("${ignoreFilenames}")     String[] ignoreFilenames 

It is working ;)

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My guess is, that the @Value can not cope with "complex" types. You can go with a prop class like this:

@Component @ConfigurationProperties('ignore') class IgnoreSettings {     List<String> filenames } 

Please note: This code is Groovy - not Java - to keep the example short! See the comments for tips how to adopt.

See the complete example https://github.com/christoph-frick/so-springboot-yaml-string-list

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From the spring boot docs https://docs.spring.io/spring-boot/docs/current/reference/html/boot-features-external-config.html

YAML lists are represented as property keys with [index] dereferencers, for example this YAML:

my:    servers:        - dev.bar.com        - foo.bar.com 

Would be transformed into these properties:

my.servers[0]=dev.bar.com my.servers[1]=foo.bar.com 

To bind to properties like that using the Spring DataBinder utilities (which is what @ConfigurationProperties does) you need to have a property in the target bean of type java.util.List and you either need to provide a setter, or initialize it with a mutable value, e.g. this will bind to the properties above. Here is what the question's code would look like.

@ConfigurationProperties(prefix="ignore") public class Filenames {      private List<String> ignoredFilenames = new ArrayList<String>();      public List<String> getFilenames() {         return this.ignoredFilenames;     } } 
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In addition to Ahmet's answer you can add line breaks to the coma separated string using > symbol.


ignoreFilenames: >   .DS_Store,    .hg 

Java code:

@Value("${ignoreFilenames}")     String[] ignoreFilenames; 
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Ahmet's answer provides on how to assign the comma separated values to String array.

To use the above configuration in different classes you might need to create getters/setters for this.. But if you would like to load this configuration once and keep using this as a bean with Autowired annotation, here is the how I accomplished:

In ConfigProvider.java

@Bean (name = "ignoreFileNames") @ConfigurationProperties ( prefix = "ignore.filenames" ) public List<String> ignoreFileNames(){     return new ArrayList<String>(); } 

In outside classes:

@Autowired @Qualifier("ignoreFileNames") private List<String> ignoreFileNames; 

you can use the same list everywhere else by autowiring.

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