How to check if an object is a generator object in python?

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You can use GeneratorType from types:

>>> import types >>> types.GeneratorType <class 'generator'> >>> gen = (i for i in range(10)) >>> isinstance(gen, types.GeneratorType) True 
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You mean generator functions ? use inspect.isgeneratorfunction.


if you want a generator object you can use inspect.isgenerator as pointed out by JAB in his comment.

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I think it is important to make distinction between generator functions and generators (generator function's result):

>>> def generator_function(): ...     yield 1 ...     yield 2 ... >>> import inspect >>> inspect.isgeneratorfunction(generator_function) True 

calling generator_function won't yield normal result, it even won't execute any code in the function itself, the result will be special object called generator:

>>> generator = generator_function() >>> generator <generator object generator_function at 0x10b3f2b90> 

so it is not generator function, but generator:

>>> inspect.isgeneratorfunction(generator) False  >>> import types >>> isinstance(generator, types.GeneratorType) True 

and generator function is not generator:

>>> isinstance(generator_function, types.GeneratorType) False 

just for a reference, actual call of function body will happen by consuming generator, e.g.:

>>> list(generator) [1, 2] 

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The inspect.isgenerator function is fine if you want to check for pure generators (i.e. objects of class "generator"). However it will return False if you check, for example, a izip iterable. An alternative way for checking for a generalised generator is to use this function:

def isgenerator(iterable):     return hasattr(iterable,'__iter__') and not hasattr(iterable,'__len__') 
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You could use the Iterator or more specifically, the Generator from the typing module.

from typing import Generator, Iterator g = (i for i in range(1_000_000)) print(type(g)) print(isinstance(g, Generator)) print(isinstance(g, Iterator)) 


<class 'generator'> True True 

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