node.js - npm not working - "read ECONNRESET"

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npm config set registry 

so that npm requests for http url instead of https.

and then try the same npm install command

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You may want to check your NPM proxy settings and perhaps remove it.

npm config get proxy npm config rm proxy npm config rm https-proxy 

One might expect a fresh install of NodeJS+NPM would not have a proxy configured. Strangely enough, mine did come with a proxy defined, pointing to an IP and port 3128. Removing the proxy did the trick.

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You may also need to specify the proxy server/port, in some environments the system settings for proxy are not enough for npm to work.

    npm config set proxy "" 
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Remove your proxy settings at home and switch on at Office networks, This may be irritating, But It worked for me:

npm config set proxy    npm config set https-proxy 


npm config rm proxy    npm config rm https-proxy 
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This can be caused by installing anything with npm using sudo -- this causes the files in the cache to be owned by root, resulting in this problem. You can fix it by running:

sudo rm -rf ~/.npm

to remove the cache. Then try whatever you were doing again, making sure you never use sudo along with npm (or the problem may come back).

Lots more information: npm throws error without sudo

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