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merge is used to bring two (or more) branches together.

a little example:

# on branch A: # create new branch B $ git checkout -b B # hack hack $ git commit -am "commit on branch B"  # create new branch C from A $ git checkout -b C A # hack hack $ git commit -am "commit on branch C"  # go back to branch A $ git checkout A # hack hack $ git commit -am "commit on branch A" 

so now there are three separate branches (namely A B and C) with different heads

to get the changes from B and C back to A, checkout A (already done in this example) and then use the merge command:

# create an octopus merge $ git merge B C 

your history will then look something like this:

…-o-o-x-------A       |\     /|       | B---/ |        \     /         C---/ 

if you want to merge across repository/computer borders, have a look at git pull command, e.g. from the pc with branch A (this example will create two new commits):

# pull branch B $ git pull ssh://host/… B # pull branch C $ git pull ssh://host/… C 
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If you want to merge changes in SubBranch to MainBranch

  1. you should be on MainBranch git checkout MainBranch
  2. then run merge command git merge SubBranch
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Case: If you need to ignore the merge commit created by default, follow these steps.

Say, a new feature branch is checked out from master having 2 commits already,

  • "Added A" , "Added B"

Checkout a new feature_branch

  • "Added C" , "Added D"

Feature branch then adds two commits-->

  • "Added E", "Added F"

enter image description here

Now if you want to merge feature_branch changes to master, Do git merge feature_branch sitting on the master.

This will add all commits into master branch (4 in master + 2 in feature_branch = total 6) + an extra merge commit something like 'Merge branch 'feature_branch'' as the master is diverged.

If you really need to ignore these commits (those made in FB) and add the whole changes made in feature_branch as a single commit like 'Integrated feature branch changes into master', Run git merge feature_merge --no-commit.

With --no-commit, it perform the merge and stop just before creating a merge commit, We will have all the added changes in feature branch now in master and get a chance to create a new commit as our own.

Read here for more :

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I know this is an older thread but I wanted to give what I think to be helpful information.

I personally use PyPy which is really easy to install using pip. I interchangeably use Python/PyPy interpreter, you don't need to change your code at all and I've found it to be roughly 40x faster than the standard python interpreter (Either Python 2x or 3x). I use pyCharm Community Edition to manage my code and I love it.

I like writing code in python as I think it lets you focus more on the task than the language, which is a huge plus for me. And if you need it to be even faster, you can always compile to a binary for Windows, Linux, or Mac (not straight forward but possible with other tools). From my experience, I get about 3.5x speedup over PyPy when compiling, meaning 140x faster than python. PyPy is available for Python 3x and 2x code and again if you use an IDE like PyCharm you can interchange between say PyPy, Cython, and Python very easily (takes a little of initial learning and setup though).

Some people may argue with me on this one, but I find PyPy to be faster than Cython. But they're both great choices though.

Edit: I'd like to make another quick note about compiling: when you compile, the resulting binary is much bigger than your python script as it builds all dependencies into it, etc. But then you get a few distinct benefits: speed!, now the app will work on any machine (depending on which OS you compiled for, if not all. lol) without Python or libraries, it also obfuscates your code and is technically 'production' ready (to a degree). Some compilers also generate C code, which I haven't really looked at or seen if it's useful or just gibberish. Good luck.

Hope that helps.

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