javascript - How to remove and clear all localStorage data

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should work.

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If you want to remove/clean all the values from local storage than use


And if you want to remove the specific item from local storage than use the following code

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It only worked for me in Firefox when accessing it from the window object.


window.onload = function() {  window.localStorage.clear(); } 
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Using .one ensures this is done only once and not repeatedly.

$(window).one("focus", function() {     localStorage.clear(); }); 

It is okay to put several document.ready event listeners (if you need other events to execute multiple times) as long as you do not overdo it, for the sake of readability.

.one is especially useful when you want local storage to be cleared only once the first time a web page is opened or when a mobile application is installed the first time.

   // Fired once when document is ready    $(document).one('ready', function () {        localStorage.clear();    }); 
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Something like this should do:

function cleanLocalStorage() {     for(key in localStorage) {         delete localStorage[key];     } } 

Be careful about using this, though, as the user may have other data stored in localStorage and would probably be pretty ticked if you deleted that. I'd recommend either a) not storing the user's data in localStorage or b) storing the user's account stuff in a single variable, and then clearing that instead of deleting all the keys in localStorage.

Edit: As Lyn pointed out, you'll be good with localStorage.clear(). My previous points still stand, however.

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