Convert char to int in C#

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This will convert it to an int:

char foo = '2'; int bar = foo - '0'; 

This works because each character is internally represented by a number. The characters '0' to '9' are represented by consecutive numbers, so finding the difference between the characters '0' and '2' results in the number 2.

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Interesting answers but the docs say differently:

Use the GetNumericValue methods to convert a Char object that represents a number to a numeric value type. Use Parse and TryParse to convert a character in a string into a Char object. Use ToString to convert a Char object to a String object.

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Has anyone considered using int.Parse() and int.TryParse() like this

int bar = int.Parse(foo.ToString()); 

Even better like this

int bar; if (!int.TryParse(foo.ToString(), out bar)) {     //Do something to correct the problem } 

It's a lot safer and less error prone

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char c = '1'; int i = (int)(c-'0'); 

and you can create a static method out of it:

static int ToInt(this char c) {     return (int)(c - '0'); } 
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Try This

char x = '9'; // '9' = ASCII 57  int b = x - '0'; //That is '9' - '0' = 57 - 48 = 9 

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