git - Error "Your push would publish a private email address"

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When enabling the “Block command line pushes that expose my email” feature, you’ll also want to configure Git to use your no-reply email address. Don’t worry—this won’t affect your contribution graph. All commits will still be associated with your account.

  1. Open Terminal.

  2. Change the current working directory to the local repository where you want to configure the email address that you associate with your Git commits.

  3. Find your GitHub noreply address in your GitHub's Personal Settings → Emails. It's mentioned in the description of the Keep my email address private checkbox. Usually, it starts with a unique identifier, plus your username.

  4. Set an email address in Git. Use your GitHub-provided no-reply email address.

    • Setting your email address for every repository on your computer

      git config --global "{ID}+{username}" 
    • Setting your email address for a single repository

      git config "{ID}+{username}" 
  5. Reset the author information on your last commit:

    git commit --amend --reset-author 

    If you have multiple commits with your private e-mail address, see this answer.

  6. Now you can push the commit with the noreply e-mail address, and future commits will have the noreply e-mail address as well.

    git push 

Once you configure Git, commits will use your alternate “noreply” email address, and any pushes that don’t will be rejected.

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I experienced the same error: GH007 message as well and used the following to resolve the issue.

  1. Go to Setting your commit email address.
  2. Follow the Setting your email address for every repository on your computer.
  3. Open your GitHub account, and go to SettingsEmails.
  4. Select the Keep my email address private check box.
  5. Unselect the Block command line pushes that expose my email check box.

This may expose your email address though.

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  1. Open Emails section of Visit

  2. Go to Keep my email addresses private section and note down your donotreply email id.

  3. Open git terminal and set your donotreply email id as your email id using following command:

git config --global "<your_donotreply_email_id" 
  1. Revert your recent local commits (with your private email) which are getting failed to be pushed into repository.
git reset --soft HEAD~1  
  1. Stage and push those commits
git add . git commit –m "<commit_message>" git push 
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There is a solution, w/o exposing your email. The error occurred because you have configured your own email address in the git config --(global|system|local)

If the same email is your Github email and you have selected the option to make your email private, this error gets flagged by git.

Helpfully, Github provides you with a no-reply email address which you can use for command line actions. Just check your Email settings on your Github Profile.

You can simply remove or undo the commit done with the and before committing changes again, set another email for

git config --(global|system|local) "<no-reply-email-here>".

Now when you try to push changes to your remote repo, the error should be gone.

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You have probably enabled (or it is enabled now by default) the email privacy feature of GitHub.

It is detailed on this page at GitHub help.

In short, there is a toggle that you can enable (which is enabled on your account) that prevents any push where the user is your actual email address. You can use an anonymized address instead (or choose to disable the feature).

Details for both options are available at the same page.

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