Commenting out code blocks in Atom

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According to this, cmd + / should do it.

And for Windows and Linux, it is ctrl + /.

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Atom does not have a specific comment-block function, but if you select more rows and then use the normal ctrl-/ (Windows or Linux) cmd-/ (Mac), it will comment all the lines.

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Command + / or Ctrl + shift + 7 doesn't work for me (debian + colombian keyboard). In my case I changed the Atom keymap.cson file adding the following:

'.editor':   'ctrl-7': 'editor:toggle-line-comments' 

and now it works!

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Also, there are packages:

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Pressing (Cmd + /) will create a single line comment. i.e. // Single line comment

Type (/** and press the Tab key) to create a block comment ala

/** * Comment block */

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