How to check if a line is blank using regex

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The pattern you want is something like this in multiline mode:



  • ^ is the beginning of string anchor.
  • $ is the end of string anchor.
  • \s is the whitespace character class.
  • * is zero-or-more repetition of.

In multiline mode, ^ and $ also match the beginning and end of the line.


A non-regex alternative:

You can also check if a given string line is "blank" (i.e. containing only whitespaces) by trim()-ing it, then checking if the resulting string isEmpty().

In Java, this would be something like this:

if (line.trim().isEmpty()) {     // line is "blank" } 

The regex solution can also be simplified without anchors (because of how matches is defined in Java) as follows:

if (line.matches("\\s*")) {     // line is "blank" } 

API references

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Actually in multiline mode a more correct answer is this:


The accepted answer: ^\s*$ does not match a scenario when the last line is blank (in multiline mode).

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Try this:

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The most portable regex would be ^[ \t\n]*$ to match an empty string (note that you would need to replace \t and \n with tab and newline accordingly) and [^ \n\t] to match a non-whitespace string.

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Full credit to bchr02 for this answer. However, I had to modify it a bit to catch the scenario for lines that have */ (end of comment) followed by an empty line. The regex was matching the non empty line with */.

New: (^(\r\n|\n|\r)$)|(^(\r\n|\n|\r))|^\s*$/gm

All I did is add ^ as second character to signify the start of line.

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