ios - FBSOpenApplicationErrorDomain code =4 error

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This worked for me:

iOS Simulator -> Reset Contents and Settings... -> Reset

menu bar screenshot

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referenced from Qiita: Unable to run app in Simulator エラーの対応方法.

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Just closing the iOS Simulator worked for me.

There is not always the need to reset the iOS Simulator. I did not even had to close Xcode.

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This happened to me once when I added some assets as symbolic links (through ln -sf). Even installing to devices was failing.

After I removed the links and made a hard copy, it worked and error was gone.

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No need to quit the simulator or reset all content every time .

Just close the app on which you are working if running on background .

it works for me .

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As mentioned in the Xcode release notes, this error (along with a couple others) results from a timing bug. The workaround is to just retry.


Testing on iOS simulator may produce an error indicating that the application could not be installed or launched. Re-run testing or start another integration.

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