How can I change the text color with jQuery?

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Place the following in your jQuery mouseover event handler:

$(this).css('color', 'red'); 

To set both color and size at the same time:

$(this).css({ 'color': 'red', 'font-size': '150%' }); 

You can set any CSS attribute using the .css() jQuery function.

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Or you may do the following


But you need to download the color plugin from here.

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Nowadays, animating text color is included in the jQuery UI Effects Core. It's pretty small. You can make a custom download here: - but you don't actually need anything but the effects core itself (not even the UI core), and it brings with it different easing functions as well.

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Actually emberjs supports two-way binding, which is one of the most powerful feature for a javascript MVC framework. You can check it out where it mentioning binding in its user guide.

for emberjs, to create two way binding is by creating a new property with the string Binding at the end, then specifying a path from the global scope:

App.wife = Ember.Object.create({   householdIncome: 80000 });  App.husband = Ember.Object.create({   householdIncomeBinding: 'App.wife.householdIncome' });  App.husband.get('householdIncome'); // 80000  // Someone gets raise. App.husband.set('householdIncome', 90000); App.wife.get('householdIncome'); // 90000 

Note that bindings don't update immediately. Ember waits until all of your application code has finished running before synchronizing changes, so you can change a bound property as many times as you'd like without worrying about the overhead of syncing bindings when values are transient.

Hope it helps in extend of original answer selected.

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Worth mentioning that there are many different solutions which offer two way binding and play really nicely.

I have had a pleasant experience with this model binder - which gives sensible defaults yet a lot of custom jquery selector mapping of model attributes to input elements.

There is a more extended list of backbone extensions/plugins on github

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