markdown - How to add images to on GitHub?

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Try this markdown:

![alt text](http://url/to/img.png) 

I think you can link directly to the raw version of an image if it's stored in your repository. i.e.

![alt text]([username]/[reponame]/blob/[branch]/image.jpg?raw=true) 
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You can also use relative paths like

![Alt text](relative/path/to/img.jpg?raw=true "Title") 

Also try the following with the desired .fileExtention:

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  • You can create a New Issue
  • upload(drag & drop) images to it
  • Copy the images URL and paste it into your file.

here is a detailed youTube video explained this in detail:

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It's much simpler than that.

Just upload your image to the repository root, and link to the filename without any path, like so:

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You can also add images with simple HTML tags:

<p align="center">   <img src="your_relative_path_here" width="350" title="hover text">   <img src="your_relative_path_here_number_2_large_name" width="350" alt="accessibility text"> </p> 

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