javascript - How can I refresh a page with jQuery?

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Use location.reload():

$('#something').click(function() {     location.reload(); }); 

The reload() function takes an optional parameter that can be set to true to force a reload from the server rather than the cache. The parameter defaults to false, so by default the page may reload from the browser's cache.

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There are multiple unlimited ways to refresh a page with JavaScript:

  1. location.reload()
  2. history.go(0)
  3. location.href = location.href
  4. location.href = location.pathname
  5. location.replace(location.pathname)
  6. location.reload(false)

    If we needed to pull the document from the web-server again (such as where the document contents change dynamically) we would pass the argument as true.

You can continue the list being creative:

  • window.location = window.location
  • window.self.window.self.window.window.location = window.location
  • ...and other 534 ways

var methods = [    "location.reload()",    "history.go(0)",    "location.href = location.href",    "location.href = location.pathname",    "location.replace(location.pathname)",    "location.reload(false)"  ];    var $body = $("body");  for (var i = 0; i < methods.length; ++i) {    (function(cMethod) {      $body.append($("<button>", {        text: cMethod      }).on("click", function() {        eval(cMethod); // don't blame me for using eval      }));    })(methods[i]);  }
button {    background: #2ecc71;    border: 0;    color: white;    font-weight: bold;    font-family: "Monaco", monospace;    padding: 10px;    border-radius: 4px;    cursor: pointer;    transition: background-color 0.5s ease;    margin: 2px;  }  button:hover {    background: #27ae60;  }
<script src=""></script>

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This should work on all browsers even without jQuery:

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Lots of ways will work, I suppose:

  • window.location.reload();
  • history.go(0);
  • window.location.href=window.location.href;
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To reload a page with jQuery, do:

$.ajax({     url: "",     context: document.body,     success: function(s,x){         $(this).html(s);     } }); 

The approach here that I used was Ajax jQuery. I tested it on Chrome 13. Then I put the code in the handler that will trigger the reload. The URL is "", which means this page.

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