python - How to change legend fontname in matplotlib

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This wasn't showing up in google results so I'm going to post it as an answer. The rc parameters for font can be used to set a single default font.

Solution for anyone else with the same issue:

import matplotlib as mpl mpl.rc('font',family='Times New Roman') 
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The .rc solution given changes the default font for all drawing.

Here is a solution for doing this when you don't want to change all the fonts, but just the font properties of the legend of this particular graph (a legend belonging to a particular axis object):

L = ax.legend() plt.setp(L.texts, family='Consolas') 

This allows you to choose a different font for the legend and the axes. I found this helpful when I needed a monospace font for my legend, but not for the axes -- allowing me to create a neat legend like this:

enter image description here

Note how the title is a different font than the legend - this gives me an alignment of numbers that would otherwise be hard to achieve.

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I think this is the better way.

import matplotlib.font_manager as fm  ## your font directory  font_path = '/Users/frhyme/Library/Fonts/BMDOHYEON_otf.otf'  ## font_name  font_name = fm.FontProperties(fname=font_path).get_name()  plt.legend(prop={'family':font_name, 'size':20}) 
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