ssh - Dockerfile for cloning private git repo

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What's the output of the build process?

Random guess: try to chmod 600 the private key.

If it still doesn't work, try to RUN ssh -v (after adding the key); the output should explain what's happening.

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RUN ssh-keyscan >> ~/.ssh/known_hosts

The keyscan works great since it accepts the host. The following complete answer worked:

RUN mkdir -p /root/.ssh RUN cp /var/my-app/id_rsa /root/.ssh/id_rsa RUN chmod 600 /root/.ssh/id_rsa RUN ssh-keyscan >> /root/.ssh/known_hosts 

Also as mentioned:

RUN ssh -v 

^ Great way to debug the flow. That's how I realized I needed the keyscan >> known_hosts

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(Will probably not fit your needs)

There is another approach:

Go to Settings > Personal access tokens and generate a personal access token with repo scope enabled. Now you can do git clone


  • very simple approach
  • token can be easily revoked


  • if someone has access to the Dockerfile he has access to the token

To fix this, you can use an environment variable to store the token

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Below approach is using https with Personal Access Token, and it works like charm.

ARG git_personal_token RUN git config --global url."https://${git_personal_token}".insteadOf "" RUN git clone /project 

Then, supply a docker argument as below.

docker build --build-arg git_personal_token={your_token} . 

Basic idea is from

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