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When you have a new app, and you upload it to the appstore the icon will remain "blank" - even if it verified correctly after the upload, your bundle contains the icon, and your app displays it correctly in the dock.

Only after you click "Submit for Review" the first time, it will appear ( not entirely sure if it's instant, but I know for a fact it was there when I checked 1-2 hours after submitting it for review ).

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  1. On the AppStore Tab, select the build you want to prepare for submission (should be a link your version number with a yellow dot and "Prepare for submission" afterwards).
  2. In the following pane, scroll down to where there is an empty well for your icon.
  3. Click on it and select a 1024 x 1024 icon you want to upload. Done.
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MAY 2021

You need to upload TestFlight build via Xcode , and then select that build on Appstore Connect in "Appstore" tab -> add build. Once you add build there and re-log to Appstore Connect, the icon for your app will be there.

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Update September 2020. AppStoreConnect has now updated the app settings homepage and removed the upload App Icon option, now it will automatically pick the App Icon from binary.

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