sass - How to convert Less to Scss?

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The less2sass converter is pretty good and maintained

Install it (you need on your system)

npm install -g less2sass 

Once installed you can simply run

less2sass <path_to_less_file_or_directory> 
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this works okayish:

npm install -g less-scss-convertor less-scss-convertor src\less 

creates src\less\scss

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This online option seems to work well. Paste in an entire file to convert it.

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The one that worked best for me is this:

npm install less2scss --global less2scss -s ./less_folder  -d ./scss_folder -r -e 'node_modules,vendor'

I just tried it and it seems I don't have to change anything on the converted files. You can exclude folders, it works recursively and you can define a target folder. Love the functionality.

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You could try using parts of Bootstraps's converter to create your own:

However in most cases there will always be some cleanup you need to do manually.

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