How to copy files from host to Docker container?

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The cp command can be used to copy files.

One specific file can be copied TO the container like:

docker cp foo.txt container_id:/foo.txt 

One specific file can be copied FROM the container like:

docker cp container_id:/foo.txt foo.txt 

For emphasis, container_id is a container ID, not an image ID. (Use docker ps to view listing which includes container_ids.)

Multiple files contained by the folder src can be copied into the target folder using:

docker cp src/. container_id:/target docker cp container_id:/src/. target 

Reference: Docker CLI docs for cp

In Docker versions prior to 1.8 it was only possible to copy files from a container to the host. Not from the host to a container.

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  1. Get container name or short container id:

    $ docker ps 
  2. Get full container id:

    $ docker inspect -f   '{{.Id}}'  SHORT_CONTAINER_ID-or-CONTAINER_NAME 
  3. Copy file:

    $ sudo cp path-file-host /var/lib/docker/aufs/mnt/FULL_CONTAINER_ID/PATH-NEW-FILE 


$ docker ps  CONTAINER ID      IMAGE    COMMAND       CREATED      STATUS       PORTS        NAMES  d8e703d7e303   solidleon/ssh:latest      /usr/sbin/sshd -D                      cranky_pare  $ docker inspect -f   '{{.Id}}' cranky_pare 


$ docker inspect -f   '{{.Id}}' d8e703d7e303  d8e703d7e3039a6df6d01bd7fb58d1882e592a85059eb16c4b83cf91847f88e5  $ sudo cp file.txt /var/lib/docker/aufs/mnt/**d8e703d7e3039a6df6d01bd7fb58d1882e592a85059eb16c4b83cf91847f88e5**/root/file.txt 
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The cleanest way is to mount a host directory on the container when starting the container:

{host} docker run -v /path/to/hostdir:/mnt --name my_container my_image {host} docker exec -it my_container bash {container} cp /mnt/sourcefile /path/to/destfile 
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The following is a fairly ugly way of doing it but it works.

docker run -i ubuntu /bin/bash -c 'cat > file' < file 
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Typically there are three types:

  1. From a container to the host

    docker cp container_id:./bar/foo.txt . 


  1. From the host to a container

    docker exec -i container_id sh -c 'cat > ./bar/foo.txt' < ./foo.txt 
  2. Second approach to copy from host to container:

    docker cp foo.txt mycontainer:/foo.txt 


  1. From a container to a container mixes 1 and 2

    docker cp container_id1:./bar/foo.txt .  docker exec -i container_id2 sh -c 'cat > ./bar/foo.txt' < ./foo.txt 


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