javascript - Get current URL with jQuery?

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To get the path, you can use:

var pathname = window.location.pathname; // Returns path only (/path/example.html) var url      = window.location.href;     // Returns full URL ( var origin   = window.location.origin;   // Returns base URL ( 
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In pure jQuery style:


The location object also has other properties, like host, hash, protocol, and pathname.

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70  Property    Result ------------------------------------------ host hostname port        8082 protocol    http: pathname    index.php href hash        #tab2 search      ?foo=789  var x = $(location).attr('<property>'); 

This will work only if you have jQuery. For example:

<html> <script src=""></script> <script>   $(location).attr('href');      //   $(location).attr('pathname');  // index.php </script> </html> 
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If you need the hash parameters present in the URL, window.location.href may be a better choice.

window.location.pathname => /search  window.location.href   => 
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You'll want to use JavaScript's built-in window.location object.

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